Secret Interiors

Secret Interiors is a home based shopping experience for beautiful home accessories and interiors. Rather than going to the High Street or online to buy pieces for your home, join us at an exclusive event from the comfort of a real home. If you don't know anyone hosting such a party, why not host one yourself?

The inspiration for Secret Interiors came from the renovation of our own home, a 15th Century Grade II Listed farmhouse. We were lucky enough to undertake a 12 month renovation of the house, including a full interior design. (See pics on our home page!) The Bell House has now been invigorated with a new lease of life, retaining the period features of the house while giving the interior a modern twist. 

 How does it work?

Selecting pieces for my own home was not only great fun but also proved that each room could be truly personalised. I learnt a lot about styling individual rooms and choosing homeware that was not only functional but gave each room its own ambience.

Having received several comments from friends on the success of the project it sparked an idea that The Bell House could be used as the showcase for an exclusive social selling opportunity. There are wonderful home accessories available right now, but where better to browse and shop than in a real home setting? After all, who doesn't like to take a look around other peoples' houses? Plus if you were able to find some inspiration and bag a bargain for your own home at the same time that would be even better.

So, Secret Interiors was created.... A fun shopping experience where you have the opportunity to choose home accessories from the comfort of a real home while socialising with friends and meeting new ones. After a successful launch in 2017, I have decided to run events each year around Christmas time as this seemed to be when people were most interested in going to a shopping party! 

The incentive for hosts is that you will take a percentage of takings from your event as current stock. - There is little commitment required - just invite some friends round and I will bring a sample selection of products to sell from your home.

So, we are back for Christmas 2018 with a new range of products and new hosts holding their own shopping party for the first time. If you would like to host an event, let me know. I will also be venturing out to school fairs and farm shops - will keep you updated on when and where!

Hopefully see you soon!

Helen X